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6. Adventure travel information


Morocco has a huge range of different accommodation options. In ascending level of comfort/facilities, here is a list of most of the different options and a short description:

Wilderness camping – on trek we camp in high quality tents with 2 people sharing. There is usually a toilet tent available for the group’s comfort

Permanent tent camp – in the desert camping is often on this basis in permanent nomad tents with dining and sleeping area. Expect to share with 1 to 3 others. Toilet tent.

Family House – most basic lodging with Turkish/ Squatting toilet (porcelain hole in the ground) and occasionally a shower. Sleeping facilities consist mainly of dormitory-style or small shared room with basic sleeping arrangements.

Gite – family house upgraded and registered as tourist accommodation. Shared rooms (usually up to 4 people), bathroom and toilet facilities (Turkish or European)

Converted kasbah – a converted adobe-brick house. All different standards of comfort exist across the south of Morocco

Auberge – Rustic small hotel, often European owned. Private or shared facilities. Rooms on a twin-share basis. May be a pool.

Riad – traditional medina town house set around a courtyard and converted

house/hotel accommodation. All categories exist from basic to deluxe.

Hotel – from 2 to 5 stars. We book in place with central locations with a character.

Trip grading and pre-trip preparation

Please take note of the advice given in our tour dossiers on the level of fitness required for each trip as well as information on the nature of the trip. Being properly prepared for an adventure holiday is a key element in your enjoyment of the trip. As a general rule of thumb it is important to have a good basic level of cardiovascular fitness for all of the trips, and if you do not exercise fairly regularly it is important that you do so in the weeks/months prior to your trip. Having said that, none of the trips is aimed at the super-fit (unless clearly specified) and a reasonable level of bike-specific or trek-specific fitness is sufficient.

7. Supplementary Information

Reading List

  • A Year in Marrakesh by Peter Mayne
  • Charming tale of an Englishman living in Marrakesh in the 1950s
  • Culture Shock! Morocco by Orin Hargraves
  • Useful cultural compendium
  • Valley of the Casbahs by Jeffrey Taylor
  • Adventure tale of a traveller who follows the River Draa from source to sea
  • Voices of Marrakesh by Elias Canetti
  • Vivid depiction of life in Marrakesh
  • Trekking in the Moroccan Atlas by Richard Knight
  • Good trail and general mountain guide
  • Insight Guides – Morocco
  • The best read of all the guide books
  • The Tangier Diaries by John Hopkins
  • Morocco as it was in the sixties
  • Lords of the Atlas by Gavin Maxwell
  • Morocco in the Pacha’s glorious days
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