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About the Happy valley:

The Bouguemez valley resembles the secluded mountain kingdom of the travellers’ imagination. The land is intensely cultivated in precise geometric patterns that form intricate mosaics on the fertile valley floor. Scattered here and there are clusters of fortified houses made from the same red clay that they rest on and stacked like blocks turned out from a child’s sand bucket.

 Access to your place :

Only a few hours far from Marrakesh, High Atlas is a magical place. The valley of Aït Bougmez is 250 kilometers east of Marrakesh, at the heart of Central High Atlas, a famous Moroccan mountain chain. Located at the foot of M’Goun Summit, which is 4071 meters high, Our Berber eco-lodge is at the heart of a peaceful village called Imelghas and located at 1891 meters. The place may be accessed by a tourism vehicle, at around 4 hours from Marrakesh.

Located in hollow of the Ait Bougmez valley, a 4 hour drive by car from Marrakech, Your Kasbah Lodge is built in harmony with the local architecture.

With a welcoming and warm living room and relaxing terraces from which the view is wonderful, Our High Atlas Kasbah lodge is the perfect place to discover the region, as well as local cultures and traditions…Meeting with local people will give you the opportunity to share in Berber customs and traditions, in a simple way.

The High Atlas range is usually open all year around and closes during heavy snowfall months and to avoid the cold freezing times some of these scheduled tours can blocked off. Do bear in mind that winter nights can be cold (the cosy duvets will keep you warm), and that Christmas / New Year is extremely popular.
This trip should appeal to travellers who have an appreciation of nature and who seek accessible mountainous ranges. We offer a high degree of exclusivity and service well away from the large commercialised high Atlas valleys. Big enough to accommodate a group of 12-16 guests travelling in two or three 4×4 vehicles or mini-vans, comfortable rooms are available on a nightly basis to individuals, couples, families or groups of friends.
High Alas tours –
Departing on a daily basis, we offer a range of meticulously planned, private guided 4×4 tour itineraries and short treks, from 2 nights and over which include stays , treks and 4×4 drive in the High Atlas Mountains. We can also custom-build an itinerary to your exact requirements:

Waiting to savour delicious Moroccan meals, you will have the opportunity to relax in the leisure room with local books, music and films.

Of course, you will also relax in the traditional Moroccan Hammam with natural products.


  • For hikers: we propose one-day or half-day hikes that may be done alone with a suitable map. During these hikes you will have the opportunity to discover the architectural traditions of the Valley, understand locals’ lifestyle and see the most wonderful landscapes in the valley and the surrounding mountains.
  • For trekkers: this is the starting point to climb M’Goun, which is the second highest Moroccan summit, located at 4071 meters. The round trip from your Kasbah Lodge may be done in 4 or 5 days with a local guide (prices to be determined according to your program).
  • For explorers: Discover in detail the surrounding valleys, such as the Ait Bouwli and Tessaout valleys, by car, either over one day or several days and with or without guides according to your desires.
  • For riders: From May the 15th to September the 15th it is possible to organize trips with horses or mules, either over one day or over the whole day.
  • Between girlfriends :Discover all the beauty secrets of Morocco, through visiting local workshops and exploring traditional beauty care methods, such as Hammam, henna tattoo or even cooking classes in collaboration with the local women.
  • For the culturally curious… Discover in detail and get familiar with local culture thanks to our library located within your Kasbah Lodge and in which you will find many books, films or music about the life of local people in the Atlas. You can even learn the local language.

Costs and Inclusions:

Full Board Price:

  •  870.00 USD  per person, 3 days trip 2 nights with min 2 people per trip based on2 nights in a Kasbah in Bouguemez valley .
  • Pick-up : Up to 4 people per vehicle
  • Sleeping rooms: 16 – 18 sq. metres, each with en-suite toilet + showers.
  • Showers: Hot water bush showers over duckboards.
  • Toilets: 16 – Environmentally-friendly loos.
  • Beds: 8 doubles and 8 singles.
  • Dining Tent/Salon: 32 sq. Metres in nomadic style
  • Lighting: Solar-powered electricity plus candle-lit lamps.
  • Included Meals: Full board based on local Moroccan cuisine with 3-course dinners and picnic lunches while on treks/strolls.
  • Beverages: Mineral water, soft drinks, tea and coffee included. Alcoholic drinks on request.
  • Activities included: Mule trekking tours in the valleys; 4×4 village exploration; scenic drive via the High atlas ; half or full day walks through valleys, villages, orchards and over mountains and mesas; quad or buggy tours; nomad encounters; exploring the happy Valley oases; magical night-time star-gazing.


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