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Special tours: traveller with special needs,handicaps

Special Tours


Most vacationers complain that their trip choices seem too short or limited. For those who would like a holiday of endless things to do or specific activities to approach, we made forays into our “terroire’’ and came out with the experiences always awaited.

An integral escape for the rich and famous Morocco allows travelers with disabilities to share wide smiles and an appreciation of where they are. Our relationship to this category is equally of casual friendship. We trade our services to make their holiday the best of a lifetime.

For companies that seek a new way to elude the daily routine to celebrate a successful partnership with office mates, patrons or collaborators, we invented a thoroughly set of incentive patterns to fit in all passions and whims. The results are more than surprising.

If birds are your main interest, then these holiday tours are definitely for you. We also include so many other things of interest, for example culture, history, flora and fauna. We aim to make each of our days on tour a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The prime objective is to give you plenty of birds and wildlife, whilst at the same time give you a holiday where you will not require another just to get over this one!!

If you feel your ideal special tour is missing, please get in touch and we will look for things that will make you love to come to Morocco for real.

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