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saghro pinnacles and buttes

Djebel Saghro treks:

South of the central high Atlas, the spectacular pre-desertic mountain of Sarhro extends over the rich Draa and Dades oases .It generally forebode the desert as it stands as the ultimate barrier before the vast and wild Sahara .The luminous ambiance in the Sarhro adds to the stunning spectacle of the scenery, almost lunar -like, and eclipses the harshness of the environment. Despite the dominance of barren landscapes these mountains preserve an intimate atmosphere permitting the survival of lush and prolific gardening in an extraordinary contrast .The fields that surround the few settlements of the Ait Atta nomadic tribes that roam, with vast flocks of animals, are not enough to keep in their homelands. Twice a year they move in search for pastures between the Atlas Mountains during the scorching summer months and the Sarhro in winter. A wander amidst the beautiful scenery and nomads’ enthralling culture must be celebrated under a woolen tent with a cup of mint tea!

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