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If you seek for a holiday in Morocco do not miss one of the country’s earthen natural wonders. Many holiday seekers to Morocco are drawn every year to see and experience the magic of Marrakech freely shares with them, from evening sunsets to history within the very soil beneath the feet of the visitors.

Marrakech is real enchantment for the whole family; a holiday to Morocco would be incomplete without the explorations of the red city and its surroundings. From the Berber Valleys of the High Atlas Mountains nearby Aremd, Imli and Tassa ouirgane to the Ourika Valley, very beautiful and tranquil surroundings or Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah in the south of Morocco are all a must to visit.

Djemaa el Fna is the large main square gathering place for locals and tourists alike. The square’s buzzing atmosphere is a genuine one, full of exciting and exotic snake charmers, animal trainers, colourful water-sellers and orange juice stalls. But once night falls magically the square changes into mobile restaurants and food stalls serving both staple and exciting dishes at cheap prices amongst exotic story tellers, magicians, peddlers of traditional medicines and entertainers of all description.

The Souk’s these are large semi covered markets and a fabulous shopping experience. Despite the fact that they mainly cater for visitors market they are still full of wonderful surprises, unique and fascinating items. In fact what is particularly interesting is to see in the back of many of the shops traditional artisans still practising their traditional skills of dying, weaving, woodwork, metalwork and leather work. With all of the bright colours, perfume of spices, exotic herbs and the street noise is enough to excite all of your senses into frenzy.

Why choose Riads:

If you travel to Morocco, you will discover a large choice for your accommodation: riads, hotels, villas, apartments, etc. Since riads are a very particular accommodation choice, unique to Morocco, not everyone has a clear idea on what they really are, of the services they propose and the advantages they offer. Most visitors in Marrakech choose riads because they think that they have more overall benefits when compared with a hotel, and there are indeed several reasons for that.

First, riads in Marrakesh are quite inexpensive and, more often than not, offer the same services as hotels do. Most riads have their own swimming pool, spa and hammam or traditional Turkish bath, restaurant and bar, and even their own means of transport. Besides, many riads will help you rent a car, book a table in a restaurant, guide you to the most interesting places of interest or even plan your golfing, fishing, surfing or other leisure activities, as well as organize your tours and excursions.

Another good reason to stay in a riad is that your experience of the city will be undoubtedly different. All the big hotels in Marrakech are usually located outside the city centre, in the new quarters, while all riads are to be found within the medina or old town. Thus, by staying in a riad, you will be quite close to the souks, all the historical monuments, and the world-famous heritage Jemaa el Fna square. Besides, by staying in a riad you will get a chance to experience first-hand the charm and the magic of the narrow streets and alleys of the medina, with its street vendors, its traditional means of transport and it thousand and one picturesque and exotic street scenes. Moreover, while most hotels are modern, unoriginal and conventional buildings, riads are typical Moroccan houses that maintain their traditional structure and decoration.

Also, riads are often located in quiet and tranquil streets, a fact which will give both privacy and tranquility while having all the city’s attractions at hand. In contrast to this, hotels in Marrakech are usually too hectic and noisy due to their size and location, and their service is less close and more impersonal. Even if hotels, as everywhere, suggest great services and are quite comfortable, you will find that a stay in a riad will offer you the same services while providing you with a familiar and convivial atmosphere and a most hospitable and reliable staff.

  • So, if you’re thinking on visiting Marrakech for your next holiday, we recommend you to choose a riad as your accommodation in order to make the most of your stay.
  • There are countless fantastic Marrakech Riads, most of which offer first-quality services and an incomparable atmosphere.
  • If you choose a riad as your accommodation in the medina of Marrakech, you will certainly want to come back to this magical city.
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