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Honeymoon holiday:

Combine relaxation and beautiful surroundings and add an element of adventure to your honeymoon.

For an unforgettable honeymoon trip holidays in a culture where celebration is a daily matter, we will provide that special atmosphere, paying attention to the small details which will enhance the romance of your first days together. Journey between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert and experience the beautiful natural and cultural treasures of the country in Marrakech, fes or Essaouira  while at the same time embracing the special highlights, gifts and personal attentions we will add to make your honeymoon truly memorable.

Whether a spa tub made for two, a tandem parachute jump over the Atlas Mountains or a Sahara raid is your idea of bliss, treat yourselves to a getaway that you will never forget. Ask for one our following itineraries and we will get you the right answers.

Here some of our tours thta would be suitable to make you opt for some duo fun , all exclusively customised for couples :

  • lords of the Atlas : enjoying the serenity and beauty of some Atlas heights
  • The new pashas : stay in a Kasbah while sipping mint tea back to some fabulous oasis
  • Isli and Tislit : live blissful moments in a Riad in a vibrant city around Morocco

Browse our website of the top romantic itineraries then contact us to discuss your special requirements.

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