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High Atlas Biking

High Atlas adventure holiday:

Following the many winding mule tracks that run through the Atlas mountains is an ideal way of discovering the little-known and real face of Morocco. Running diagonally across the country, from the Atlantic coast all the way to the Algerian border “adrar n’idraren“(mountain of the mountains) are spectacularly rugged and sparsely vegetated. A country of some of the most wonderful terraced cliffs, enormous escarpments, deep gorges and flat-topped summits that make the whole scenery overwhelming.

For long , the high atlas mountains has been inaccessible for foreigners hiking and the Berbers , who dwelled the area for thousands years , managed to preserve their identity and earthen villages , clinging to the mountains ‘sides , from the irreversible changes, influences as well as the intrusions.They also managed to create fully elaborate systems of very ancient values but still operational to safeguard their goods, life system and their traditions.Yet, governmental actions are of minute support in the lack of adequate and well-established guidance. The flux of changes endanger a whole culture about to open doors to visitors.

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