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Moroccan Skies has a highly experienced team to help you organize your adventure to Morocco.  Our consultants have traveled to and lived in all corners of Morocco and are passionate about travel.  This expertise and passion shows through in their dedication to making every group’s experience the best possible.

The best people to show you a country are people from that country – their country!  Our tour leaders are multi-lingual and are also versed in various local dialiects.  They will explain to you, in your own language, all about the local history and culture of their homeland.  They can bridge the gap between cultures and they can help you to deal with local groups or individuals, ensuring that differences are respected and helping to bring understanding and mutual benefits.

We are committed to providing employment opportunities for local tour leaders, all of whom have studied to gain the necessary accreditation in tourism.  We are extremely proud of our team of excellent tour leaders,drivers or staff office.

Here are some of members of our team that make your holiday a memorable experience.

{slide=Mustapha Ahitass (Founder of Moroccan-skies)}

Founder of Moroccan Skies, product manager and city and mountain tour guide, Mustapha is conversant with several languages and holder of various academic degrees. His various travels abroad and within his home country –Morocco- he loves most, enriched an experience he won through the years showing unbeatable patience and a great pleasure to show around the several hidden secrets. He now heads up the company and designs most of the products while leading his guests.
{slide=Ouafa (Marketing Manager)}

Our soft road and luxury tour expert is Ouaffa. Since her beginnings as product manager she never ceased loving her job, her passion to explore our most remote areas led her to join our customers reservations using her many linguistic skills. She is also passionate about Jordan, Turkey and Egypt.

{slide=Oussama (Accountant)}

OUSSAMA EZZAHRI recently joined Moroccan Skies as an accountant after a successful university career. He now has the bug travel and he is trying to conquer as many places possible while he can. His dream is to travel somewhere in Asia mainly Thailand and Vietnam.

{slide=Abdellah (Tour guide)}

Biking specialist- After some years in the Atlas mountains where he grew up and trainined before joining several travel companies to finally settle with Moroccan Skies. His clients always remember not only for his hard work and outstanding qualities but also for his undropped off smile even when bonking the highest hills.

{slide=Abderrahim (Tour guide)}

Abderrahim Kioud is an athlete who won already some marathon and long distance runs. Our tour guide has been recently to many parts around Europe, mainly Germany, where he lived and studied. His last challenge is Berlin marathon. Today he is back with the M.S. team to enjoy what he likes most…Morocco and the fabulous mounts and desert.

{slide=Khalid (Tour guide)}

His first beginnings as a tour guide led him to France where he settled for years before nostalgia got him back to what he enjoys most. The dynamism of this son of the Atlas will never stop from roaming around and exploring new places for us despite his family engagements and football games.

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