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“Snakes and monkeys on the square, chameleons for sale in the souks- how could kids not love Morocco?” { TIME OUT }

In many ways, Morocco is a child-friendly place since they are universally adored. Besides most Moroccans are family orientated people, tolerant of other people’s kids and likely to inspire indulgent looks and zealous approaches. For many families, the hottest outings are beaches, gardens, squares and family visits or anywhere with a playground.

Our private tours operate in the same way as all other Moroccan Skies tours, with local tour leaders and the same inclusions, accommodation and transport. However, clients who choose a private tour have the opportunity to modify many aspects of their holiday, such as the style of accommodation, the type of transport or number of meal inclusions.

To start planning your own private family adventure Contact us for details. You can imagine how fantastic it would be to share your travel experiences with your own family! When you join a family adventure trip we also offer scheduled family departures to many of our destinations. These trips operate during school holidays and allow your family the chance to meet and travel with other families from other countries. Also, despite the fact that, in some places, there is nothing in the way of child-orientated trip commodities we tend to make your trip with your kids the most relaxant experience.

Over the last years, our leaders have taken many successful groups around Morocco, showing around our different culture’s facets, discovering fascinating historical sites and experiencing beautiful wilderness. With a focus on fostering understanding and celebrating diversity we definitely opened doors to new worlds and experiences worth sharing with your kids. The best memories are those of childhood … We have selected some rare destinations to share with your family; great moments that will remain engraved in memory. Our itineraries have been developed for families and especially adapted to adults accompanied by their children in order to make them discover unforgettable places. Some wonderful destinations combining discovery and pleasure!!!

Here are some of the benefits of travelling with us:

  • Family Adventures have been created with families in mind
  • Local tour leaders
  • Educational itineraries
  • Choose between private or public transport
  • Include volunteer work
  • Visit local schools, craft shops or family stays.


  • Organise before you go and where to go.
  • Where is best to go according to your holidays.
  • What to bring.
  • How to organise with other families.
  • How much is the cost.

family trip and discoveries :

Families can explore Morocco on their own private group holiday.

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