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City short holiday breaks : fes, marrakech, casablanca, tangier, chefchaouen


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city breaks :

For those who try to fit as many holidays as possible into finite annual leave time is not easy. Which is why we have thought of this kind of tours. This series incorporates many of our popular week-long trips, carefully planned to allow the maximum amount of time away with minimum leave from work. Choose cultural discoveries through the most bubbling cities; hiking and trekking to the Atlas; escapes to the sahara desert and coastal cities and other amazing combinations. The options are many. There is nowhere so close to Europe that gives such a strong sense of foreignness and mystery as does Morocco, something that neither decades of colonial occupation, nor the subsequent influence of tourism, has managed to erode. It’s a place where the colourful and sensual fantasy of Oriental life can be indulged to the full- with a mind ready for adventure and acceptance of differences. From the cities alleyways where exotic was invented, through the infinite spaces of the thousand and one Kasbahs to the mystical and bohemian feel around its ports and surf hangouts, there is so much to fit in a short break under the Moroccan Skies.

Look at our website, wherever you want to fly to, and you will be amazed what you can do on a short break adventure holiday. Just get in touch.

Marackech :

If there is one thing that Marrakech has in abundance it is natural style and effortless flair. Different from all the other Moroccan cities, it has the self-possession to cut its own cloth, and do so in the most elegant of fashion.

To spend your holiday in stylish accommodation with the Atlas mountains  vibrant colours and personalised services before you decide to a get away to some stunning surrounds. End up your evenings around the teeming squares of the Red city or other attractive smart nightlife animation.

Combine warmth, exotics, beauty and relaxation in an unbeatable atmosphere.


Baghdad and Athens in one city and Morocco’s biggest religious and cultural center, Fez offers exceptional insight into the oldest medina in the country. The perfect medieval alleys hide some exceptional places where to stay. They are all a mix of comfort, beauty and peacefulness away from the buzzing markets and the teeming streets.

If you are looking for a city of intense spirituality, rich history and amazing day life with the local, Fez is certainly the place to go to.


Prime to southern valleys and oases, this outpost announces the desert. To carry on south or east or wander around, there is a chance you like a stay in a Kasbah, Riad or a wild camp. Heading to the Dades, Draa or Merzouga you are almost bound to spend at least a night to explore some surreal surrounds.

A break in the south starts and ends up in Ouarzazate where life is calm and more luxurious.If you consider a free wander amongst Africa’s biggest film sets, strolls in Kasbahs and oases combined with a charming place, the south is where to go


Scenic drive past hills covered with barley and almond trees , palm groves , Kasbahs and the Anti-Atlas mountains themselves takes to Taroudant.This bustling market-town where all ethnics and dialects mix according to the ebb and flow of local dynamics , feels thoroughly southern Moroccan. The salmon-colour walls encircling the town ensure a sustained aspect of country life despite the urban changes.

The relaxed feel that dominates the “little Marrakech”, as some would call it,makes of Taroudant an ideal base for exploring the Souss valley and the western high Atlas .In town , poke around the monuments and souks or shop for Morocco’s finest silver.


The “blue city” of Chefchaouen , built high on the hillside in the gray Rif mountains is a world apart from its larger, Spanish -style neighbours.Life’s pace here seems somehow in tune with the surrounding mountain sides, abundant natural springs , wildflowers and low-lying clouds .

Chefchaouen is unlike any other place in Morocco, from its people’s dress to the signature blue-washed houses lining its narrow streets .Not even the newest features of modern influence will tarnish the feeling of everyday life in motion .It is an ideal place to wander a tiny medina, walk up into the looming mountains, and sip mint tea in an open square.

Tafraout :

At the heart of a small massif, link between the Toubkal area and the extreme oriental side of the anti Atlas of Sirwa stands Tafraout as a unique city facing a volcanic range made up of basalt and granite terrain, contrasting with the bushy and steppe-like vegetations dominating the wide-open spaces in the lowlands .This thriving heart amidst tribes that roam the vast pastures between the hillsides and their homes to which they come back when the first snow starts falling is a land of warmth and exceptional feel.

If you are looking for some calm, short walks and stark beauty in winter , Tafraout remains our favourite choice if prefer the south east of Agadir areas.

Essaouira :

Southern Morocco ‘s most favoured coastal town, Essaouira offers both a contrast and an escape that still retains timelessness and laid-back feel. its sandy-coloured walls and bright medina enclose some fascinating hide-aways within its whitewashed alleyways and avenues.

Mystical Gnawa traditions, hippy myths, surf hangouts and locations of great choices… all in the peaceful Essaouira.

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