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When you arrive in Marrakech, it will most likely be at night because that's when the flights usually come in. As you drive in from the airport, along the dark, palm-fringed roads, past the massive, silent bulk...

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Morocco with children :

by : Andrew James

"Has your daughter got any teeth?" asked Salah, as his battered blue Mercedes clambered up through olive groves into the Anti Atlas. "Seven", said Susanne, proudly. "Good," he said. "Then she need not have...

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Saharan Escape

by : Ian McCurah

In a world where weekend city breaks have become ten-a-penny a whole new breed of mini-adventures have sprung to satisfy our travel hungry time starved nation. So it was to my delight...

A quick fix of the sahara: news paper article

A Quick fix of the Sahara 

by : Max Wolridge

What was the name of the town we stayed in last night, I asked our guide Mustapha en route for the Atlas Mountains. 'Where was that, eh?' I tried again. 'You know, that place last night.' 'Where was...

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Road trip to Morocco

by : David Atkinson

The instructions were simple. I was to meet a man called Mustapha in a café in the