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1. Do I need insurance?

You must have an appropriate personal travel insurance policy. Be careful to make sure that you are covered for the activities that appear in your trip dossier. Many High Street insurance policies will not cover trekking, mountain biking and horse riding unless you pay a supplement. Our tour leader will require evidences of you to make sure you travel safe and will be inquiring about any health issues to be aware of. Your safety is our priority.

2. Does Moroccan Skies offer insurance?

Not at all. As a tour agency we are insured locally for all sorts of activities we are operating, thus, we are covered within respect of the local legislations and laws. Yet, your insurance coverage should be insured also by your national insurance operator.

3. How do I make a booking?

Just click through to “Booking Form” on the main menu, fill in your details and press “send”. You will receive an emailed confirmation invoice usually within 24 hours of filling in the form and paying your deposit.

4. What happens if I have to cancel?

Our booking conditions cover our cancellation policy. If you cancel having only paid a deposit you can use your deposit to put towards another of our tours.

5. When and how do I pay for my tour?

In short, we require a deposit of £150/ € 200 or $ 250 when you fill in your booking form with the completion of payment due 60 days before your departure date. You can pay by money transfer to our bank office in Marrakech.

6. What consumer protection do Moroccan Skies offer?

We’re aware that consumer protection is an important issue for many people. Once you’ve paid us for your trip, all funds/moneys are paid into a separate trust account. This money is not transferred into our Moroccan Skies account until after the successful completion of your trip.

7. Why travel with Moroccan Skies?

The most important difference between Moroccan Skies and the vast majority of its competitors is that the company is managed by experienced travel professionals who live year-round in Morocco. In a country like Morocco, where unmonitored arrangements can be a daily matter and sometimes don’t go according to plan, where services need to be constantly checked and improved, where new exciting routes need to be regularly researched, and where tourist services (new auberges, riads etc) are changing so rapidly, we feel it is essential to be on hand to keep control of all these factors. We know well the ground where we were born, we know the culture, and we’ve invested an enormous amount of time into finding routes that other operators don’t know about in order to offer you the best of what both rural and modern Morocco have to offer. In addition we spend less time and energy banging on about being an eco-tour operator and more time putting these principles into practice on the ground. We know more and support local communities and we pay good salaries to ecourage excellent work in a country where the standard of living for many is incredibly low. Our overall philosophy is to show visitors in a fun, and sometimes challenging way, a side to Morocco that tourists on other style of tour will never see.

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