moroccan skies

Magda & Adrian

We would like to thank you again for looking after us and organising our trip to Morocco. It was everything we had hoped for and so much more! We were amazed at how much we managed to see and experience, with the stargazing in Sahara being my personal highlight!

Thank you for your patience with my picture-taking (I’m down to only 570 in the end) and Adrian’s 20 questions a minute. Your knowledge and dedication to what you do are inspirational and they have enabled us to learn so much about Morocco, its people and their customs, that we can honestly say that those 10 days have definitely broaden our horizons.

I’ve already recommended you to a friend’s friends who want to go horse-riding in Morocco, and who knows we might be back for more too!

David loved his slippers, is sending his regards and said that his daughter didn’t marry the guy she came to Morocco with.

Here are some pictures of you, just as a souvenir. Feel free to use them as you wish.

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