moroccan skies

Louise dutfield – Brighton Uk –

I have to say I haven’t stopped talking about my experience in Morocco, I did have the most fantastic time, although it may not have looked or sounded like it to you.  I am much fitter now and the trip help a great deal with my running ability when I got home. I now feel a real sense of achievement and cant wait to come on a shopping trip to Marrakech.  When I do I will definately let you know. And maybe you can take a trip into the desert.

The group we had was great fun and your guiding and leadership skills are the best.  We haven’t managed to get a reunion party organised yet as everyone is so busy over the summer but I have been up to see Judy in Nottingham and I think we will be good friends. We’re going camping together at Reading Festival in a few weeks time and Judy Niki and myself are still trying to organize the colonic irrigation holiday for September.

Anyway I hope the other groups we’re too awful ( I know we were a hard act to follow!!!!!!???)

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