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Self drive in Morocco

From the beaches of the Atlantic coast to the soaring peaks of the High Atlas Mountains, bustling markets of the barren lands prior to the Sahara desert the perfect free adventurous drive to Morocco.

In just few days you can traverse the country wide-open spaces, relive the caravan’s spices and salt passages through the dunes and ergs of the desert and take a heart thumping hike through sun-lit heights of Djebel Sahro, High atlas peaks, valleys and gorges. Factor in good roads, drivable distances, it is easy to see why Morocco makes a superb get away for self- drive adventures.

And that’s exactly what Morocco is offering for those are lucky to venture away into unique lands. Flying into the nearest airport, you will collect your car and head off for some nights in some of the most scenic stays/ accommodation, no more than a few hours drive apart.

Taking Your Own 4×4:

If you have not travelled the Sahara or Morocco before, we recommend to start off with our Sahara ”soft option” – The Great Eastern Erg  of merzouga and Cheggaga route help you  to develop a feeling for the Sahara and  find out whether this environment is for you or not.

There is no need to upgrade your vehicle to expedition spec, you need a good set of tires in a larger than standard dimension, take off sidesteps, mud flaps and Dixon-Bate style tow bars and give the vehicle a good service prior to departure. You will also need a place to sleep on the Sahara leg – personal preference matters. Roof tents can be hired or purchased from our company Moroccan Skies.

When you book with us, we supply you with a comprehensive infopack with checklists for your vehicle and personal equipment, route descriptions and a much more. And if necessary, our guides will join for more assistance, directions and problems fixing.



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