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Rabat cultural visit, monuments, foodies, walking tours

   Rabat in a Day:  About Rabat : For so many it remains Morocco‘s most favoured coastal town, Rabat offers both a contrast and an escape that...
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Toubkal, high atlas , trekking, adventure, moroccan mountains

5 days/4 nights
Morocco is only a stone’s throw from Europe, so why not pop over for an exotic short break! In and around Marrakech there is so much to...
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3 Days
Chefchaouen, The blue city Noted for its buildings in shades of blue, Chefchaouen is situated in the Rif Mountains, just inl...
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Marackech visit, cultural tours, shopping, daytrips

05 Dec 2016- 08 Dec 2017
When you are Marrakech and  you only require a specific service to be done: a transfer from city to city, a guided tour of the medina, a daylong...
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