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 travel guide to exclusive holidays in Morocco :

When we think of our travels to Morocco, it is often the small, personal moments that linger in our memories, the strongest of all are those of sheer happiness and joy.

There are many specific holiday experiences but there are plenty of more generic moments that elicit travel euphoria to Morocco for us. Sitting around a campfire in the high atlas mountains – or on the roof of a Riad, or in cosy Kasbah with convivial company. Lying awake at night in Sahara dunes listening to the sound of the wind. Awe inspiring views of the Atlas Mountains, amazing vistas have made us want to share vacation moments in the world around us. Then there is the elation of turning off a tarmac road and onto a rough track safari of the south …our spirit soars with anticipation every time we leave a medieval medina. And there is the anticipation when we leave the airport or station in just about any new destination in Morocco.

LET us celebrate some of the happiest places on this hospitable earth and activities out here. We take you to the pristine sand dunes, Morocco’s spiritual and cultural hubs, up High Atlas Mountains, and the lands of Berber and nomadic communities and to heart of some fascinating places on this remarkable land of encounters and surprises.

Choose your holiday to morocco:

A great holiday experience occurs only when a careful planning and then the spontaneity of discovering something different and unexpected happens once you are away. The Moroccan Skies team has an intimate knowledge of their homeland and proved able to provide the right advice on how to get to Morocco, where the best stay is when there and how to wander around. Be it a flight from anywhere local airport, a restful time in a remote mountain or desert lodge or the very essential advice on how to incorporate a quirky journey into your holiday, we will always answer your requirements and plan the accommodation and transport options that suit you. Of course, we’ll also pass on those travellers’ tips that really can make your holiday a very special one.

Accomodation: Riads, hotels, high atlas lodges and desert camps…

Either in nomadic tents or to top-end hotels, where you stay is as important as where you head off to and what you do. Our tailor-made holidays grant you varied styles of accommodation, the one place that best suits you. You simply tell us the style of accommodation you’re interested in and we’ll help you find the perfect setting to make your experience everything you ever wished for. If you choose one of our itineraries here are just some of the types of places you can stay while in Morocco:

We offer several  soft adventure packages in charming hotels or residence where you can take time to re-balance your energies physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually.

Luxury riads, rustic high atlas mountain lodges, romantic desert Kasbahs and more ….. Morocco is a land of surprises. In the medinas of Marrakech, Fez, Essaouira or in many other fascinating towns, nondescript doorways in the warren of medieval alleyways can give way to dazzling guest houses – known locally as ‘riads’ – oases of calm and sophistication away from the bustle of the streets.

Away from the towns or medina, this element of surprise can be even more profound. It may be a romantic guest house in the guise of an old mud brick Kasbah rising out of the desert and sitting peacefully in palm-filled gardens, or it could be a charming Berber guest house, richly decorated with local crafts. In terms of accommodation, Morocco has it all, with something to suit all budgets.

Moroccan Skies has taken the trouble to find special hidden-away places for you to enjoy, places chosen because they combine a unique character with the right standard of amenities.

Experience first class adventure travel by day and sophisticated, luxurious accommodation by night, combined with the very best in personal service, transport and local guides.


Transport: bus trips, 4×4 safari, camel treks, atlas mountains hikes…

It’s not a tailor-made adventure holiday unless you have the opportunity to choose where you travel from, where you travel to, and just as importantly how you travel.

We’ve always believed that the way you travel is a key component of a succesful holiday and so should enhance the overall experience, after all, half of the fun of the journey is the getting there. As you would expect we’ve a wealth of knowledge on an array of transport options within our country, some practical and some quirky, and will help you choose what best suits you. From taking a private car in a city, to the train in the Rif area, flying into a Sahara camp ecolodge on a small plane or trekking through the valleys of the Atlas or on camel caravan in the Ergs, through to heading into the sunset on a camel in southern dunes our staff can advise you on the best way to travel around.

Just talk to us and we’ll make the necessary arrangements. Of course if you wish to arrange your own flights we are happy just to book your holiday on a land-only basis.

All the way with you: guides, drivers, local teams…

We’ve taken pioneering groups of adventurers to some of the most extraordinary parts of the country. Our ethos always has been to ensure that our clients experience the very best Morocco offers and so visit not only the main sites but also go beyond the tourist trail and uncover the very character of Morocco.

Tailor-made Moroccan skies pulls together all of our experience and knowledge to create holidays for the individual traveller whilst maintaining the core ethos of our company. We have an experienced, well travelled local team who pride themselves on delivering the best service in the travel industry. We will fine tune your requirements to ensure that you get the very best out of your tailor made holiday and whilst here you have unrivalled 24/7 support.


First of all we ensure you get the most out of your bespoke holiday, each of our representative have detailed knowledge of particular places in our country. Not only have they travelled that part of the country extensively, but some of them are originally from there. Country insights and ‘not to miss’ experiences are at their fingertips ensuring you get the most from your trip.

Best services:

Whether it’s at the inquiry stage or at when you are travelling we aim to offer the best service in the travel industry. We are all passionate travellers and we know what is important when choosing and then travelling on a holiday. Be it quick turnaround times for quotations to delivering a first class service on the pricing as all of our holidays are tailor-made to give an exact price on the web-site just isn’t possible. However, we have time to listen to your choices and we deliver final guidelines when a number of factors including the time of year, how you travel around your destination and the style of accommodation you choose to stay in are made clear.

We have access to a huge and varied range of accommodation, from desert camps to mid-range properties right through to deluxe boutique hotels, Riads and kasbahs and so we can create an itinerary which will suit your budget. Most important though is that over the years we have developed excellent relationships with our local partners to ensure that our holidays are competitively priced and offer great value for money.

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