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Moroccan festivals:

Morocco is a country of many joyous religious and cultural festivals. In village squares, in Kasbah halls, in riads and courtyards or Andalucian gardens, festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm and fervour. F or those who want to learn more of the cultural, artistic or musical scene, we can guide you to many opportunities to open your mind and broaden your knowledge of our traditions. Some of the colourful events included in our tours are:

Fes: sacred music festival

Internationally renowned artists from around the world flock to Morocco’s spiritual capital for the annual Fez Festival of World Sacred Music and perform a variety of styles, from Moroccan Sufi chants, Pakistani incantations, and Egyptian madhi odes, to flamenco-style Christian saeta, ancient Indian gwalior chants, and Turkish whirling dervishes. Over the course of the event, musicians from Europe to Asia find common ground, with collaborative performances culminating the program and celebrate this festival of sacred music. Each day, explore highlights of Fez city/Morocco, while taking in the finest sensations of the festivals in Morocco by night.

Essaouira:Gnawa world music festival

For the past ten years one weekend every June the Moroccan city of Essaouira has come alive with the music of the world. From traditional Moroccan Gnaoua to jazz and blues the Gnaoua Festival and Musics of the World Essaouira offers music to suit any taste and is a must-see for music lovers worldwide. The city of Essaouira comes alive with the hums, beats, and dancing of thousands of music lovers uniting under one sky.

Qalaat Mgouna: Rose festival

The Rose Festival, Qalaat Mgouna/ Morocco Dades Valley or the Valley Of the Roses hides a jewel in the form of Kelaa-des-Mgouna, a town that is at the hub of rose production in Morocco. There is a huge line of plantations of Rose Damaskina that accounts for most of the rose water that goes into Morocco’s gastronomic delicacies and some of the famed international perfumes. The Rose Festival, Morocco celebrates the year’s crops and drink to a “rosy” year of bumper crops is an occasion for you to also soak in the breathtaking natural beauty of the region.

Imilchil:Berber wedding festival

This is truly, one of the most unique festivals in Morocco, if not the entire world! We guarantee you have never seen a wedding like this. Each year, several couples tie the knot on this special day in Imilchil, a village in the oriental High Atlas Mountains. According to legend, a man and woman from two local tribes fell in love, but were forbidden by their families. They cried themselves to death, creating the lakes of Issly (his) and Tisslit (hers) near Imilchil. The families were so devastated by this, they created a day on the anniversary of the lovers’ death to which members of the two tribes could marry. Romeo and Juliet have nothing on these two lovers! During the festival, women are made up in traditional dress and the husbands will brose the goods on offer. If the groom is successful, the woman says ‘You captured my liver’ and the match is settled. As simple as that!

TanTan:  nomads festival :

The festival of Tan-Tan is nestled in a wind swept corner of the Sahara desert. Started in 1963, the historic annual Moussem of Tan-Tan draws thousands of tribal members from Morocco and northwest Africa, historically providing opportunities for tribes to trade, socialize, engage in inter-tribal competitions, to celebrate weddings, and to engage in rich cultural rituals. After a long postponement a new vision has revived the festival into an international economic, cultural, and social event to help promote peace and goodwill between nations.

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