moroccan skies

Sahara desert breaks:4×4 safaris,camel treks, bedouin camps, kasbahs



The Sahara is an amazing land of adventure holidays where sand baked dunes and lush oases  teem with riversides and wadis .The landscape is dotted with Kasbahs and is home for a mix of many tribes .Pushing deep into the Sahara is an allurement to get in touch with the largest desert in the world, a cut off of all habits and links and an invitation to vanish into a vast, wide-open space of ergs, dunes and nomadic encounters. The aridity is palpable the minute the visitor crosses the watershed Atlas mountains and the pattern of lush oases separated by barren stretches of stony plains begin just beyond the last rare towns on the road. On the other side, nights amongst these big mountains of sand is a build-up into exploring the quietest territories and enjoying at best the most wonderful and magic of all skies.
The void you embrace in the Sahara will remind you why prophets and sages sought the desert to purge, to meditate and to travel away.

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