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Cycling Holidays: explore Morocco on two wheels

Riding a bicycle in Morocco is more than just an exercise.It is also a great way to travel through some fascinating parts of the country, going through some extraordinary encounters that would mark your journey and possibly your life. here are some itineraries and a general introduction to some of what we offer and there is more for you. If your ideal way to explore a country is on two wheels, feel free to contact us and we will help you to plan for your next journey on a an iron horse!.

With you all the way:

You Are in the hands of an expert tour guide who cycles with the group throughout. Your luggage is transferred onto the next overnight stop by our support vehicle. Whilst cycling all you have to carry is the daily essential such as camera and snacks. A front handlebar or rear panniers ( or saddle bag) are provided locally with the bikes. On some trips a support vehivle travels behind the group, always out of sight. On others it may go on ahead with the luggage and then return to sweep the route several times to check if anyone requires assistane . On certain self-guided group trips or on sections with no vehicular access, a support vehicle may not be necessary or practical.

Specific tour details can be found under Tour Staff & Support in each Factfile. For more details contact us or email us to answer your questions.

Horseback Holidays,sahara desert , Atlas mountains, Atlantic coast

Morocco horseback riding A fascinating ride through the valleys of south of Morocco where the High Atlas Mountains open way to the Sahara during...
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Morocco Bird Watching: sahara, atlas, coast,habitat

Morocco birdwatching : Itinerary details: Morocco is a land of great contrasts, from wide sandy Atlantic beaches to snow-capped mountains over...
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Erg, sands and dunes

15 Days
Morocco biking holidays: Ergs, sands and dunes… Amongst the wide open spaces of Ergs and barren landscapes of the Sahara we cycle exploring...
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Back roads of the Atlas

16 Dec 2015 - 24 Dec 2015
High Atlas biking adventurous holiday: Entirely heading south-east of the Atlas mountains, we ride through amazing terraced valleys and southern...
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Lakes & cedar mountains

12 Days
Morocco cycling holidays Cedars, forests and lakes: Itinerary: One of the most fascinating on two-wheels tour around the middle atlas central...
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Bald Ibis

The Bald Ibis country Tour Description: Day one: After meeting with our local guide at airport, we head towards our hotel close to the center of...
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