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Morocco is a kingdom of diversity. The land where the sea mingles with the ocean, the snow-capped hills touch the void desert, where myth and reality are one thing. Across the country , a cultural and social feel fly over its legendary sites,proudly preserved by the Moroccans to speak for a country deeply rooted in Africa , breathing in Europe and imbued by moderate faith. History is everywhere to show the sumptuous Moorish art-style , the subtle local art craft and the fruits of the Berber and Arab conquests , originally behind the beauty of the imperial cities .These last ones , overtaken in turn, were founded to play the hoped for role as capitals , economical centers or spiritual citadels. For centuries , Moroccan heritage extended and enriched itself off boundaries , permitting diversity of races and landscapes , of faiths and languages, yet all united by a secular history brewed properly to create the most enchanting mystery.

If the tour you are looking for should involve,

  • Touring some of Morocco’s most important monuments in the easy going cities,
  • Soaking up the picturesque coastal towns with their sea life, small villages and great history,
  • Chilling out at peaceful places with remarkable cuisine,
  • Step back and hang loose in the pretty laid back towns set against some dramatic sceneries,
  • Beating the hustle and hassle of all vibrant markets and public places,
  • Exploring the gritty, hispano-moorish cities in the north with all their teeming Medinas and quarters,
  • Taking a step back in Fez and Meknes or Marrakech alleys and souks,
  • Marveling at the Roman ruins of Volubilis and searching for the cedar forests wildlife,
  • Jostling with the crowds in Marrakech, the heartbeat of Morocco,
  • Enjoying some time in the calm dunes of Erg chebbi and Chegaga,
  • Wondering in some of Morocco’s side trips through stunning Atlas villages and valleys,
  • Bartering for rugs and baboushes in the wild and amazing markets,
  • Driving by the coastline and gazing at the turquoise sea.

Cultural Morocco offer a variety of choices tailored according to your interests. Contact us via Email or call and we will make up something for you.

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