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Bird  paradise:

Morocco is a land of great contrastsand big numbers of birds. From wide sandy Atlantic beaches to Atlas snow-capped mountains over 13,000 feet high, to sand and Sahara stone deserts these birds thrive in diverse habitat. From rare and highly endangered species like Northern Bald Ibis to enigmatic and difficult species like Desert Sparrow Morocco has become a haven for a winter hibernation.

Top destination for birdwatchers in Morocco:

  • Souss Massa Draa national park: fantastic birding in estuarine, lagoon and arid environments. Ideal for sea birds, waders and bald Ibis.
  • Dayet Aoua or Merja Zerka : the two mountain lakes in the middle Atlas are good for viewing water birds, plus short-toed creeper, firecrest and the rare Levaillant woodpecker in the surrounding woods.
  • Lac Sidi Bourhaba: beautiful lake and marsh good for spoonbills, marsh harriers, crested coots, marbled teal and African marsh owls.
  • The southern dunes of Merzouga or Cheggaga: numerous desert species, in spring shallow lakes appear north-west or south-west these ergs attracting flocks of flamingos and other water birds.
  • Jebel Oukeimeden and the Toubkal National Park: protected area, great for raptors, big vultures and alpine species.
  • M’goun geo-park: the largest protected area in the country teeming with incredible natural treasure.
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Whether you are an expert botanist, a dedicated birdwatcher or simply a visitor with an interest in a totally different environment, the wildlife experience of your travels should be extremely rewarding. We make sure you travel where your itinerary takes you and in conditions applicable to the other itineraries we produce and with the same quality services respecting the different arrangements and traits that distinguish these sorts of tours. At the core of our service is your chance to catch up sight of the rarest of all species.


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Moroccan Skies offers some of the best birding in the country with a catch up of Morocco’s finest places and natural wonders.

Roller  Bald Ibis


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