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ABOUT MOROCCO: introduction

About Morocco:

Morocco is a rugged land of mountains, plains and desert and thousands of miles of unspoiled Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline.  Its borders are with Algeria and Mauritania and it is home to Africa’s highest range of mountains north of the equator as well as a portion of the Sahara, the largest desert in the world.  The most western of the North African ‘Mahgreb’ countries, it lies just across the Straits of Gibraltar from Spain, a short flight from Europe.

Morocco is becoming a favoured tourist desintation which caters for a wide range of tourist activities in a country that still has vast tracts of the country that remain largely undiscovered.  Its culture is mainly defined by religion (Islam) and geography and its proximity to Europe provides a readily reached exotic destination.  Whether in the ancient medinas of Fez or Marrakech where metal workers ply their trade in cave-like recesses, or in remote villages clustered around mountainside mosques, you will find a culture and experience which is as much about atmosphere as anything else.

Enjoy the many and contrasting facets of Morocco – the elegant Moorish architecture of Marrakech, Fez and Casablanca, the dreamy valleys, adobe villages, crisp snow-capped mountains of the High Atlas, the encroaching dunes of the Sahara desert, the surf beaches of the Atlantic coast, the weathered 11th century desert Kasbahs rising out of date palm oases, the rolling plains of wheat, the high pastures of wild flowers where nomads still retain their ancient way of life or the crumbling remains of ancient Roman civilizations.

Visitors are always welcome in Morocco, as you will readily find whenever you arrive in any town or village across the country.  Moroccans are always delighted to share of cup of mint tea with a visitor, regardless of colour or creed.  Indeed the drama of the Atlas  Mountains are made all the more appealing by their hospitable habitants.  The wonderful expanses of the countryside offer visitors the luxury of space, something becoming more and more rare in the more densely populated parts of the world.  Morocco provides limitless possibilities for discovery and adventure across a stunning and varied landscape.

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