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About Moroccan Skies :

Our first steps in the world of adventure began years ago when our desire to share the wonders and culture of Morocco with the rest of the world grew into the development of a unique travel organization.  Since those beginnings, we have broadened our horizons to offer a range of travel adventures in many parts of the country.

We offer a wide range of treks, walks, Sahara expeditions, skiing or climbing in the Atlas Mountains and many other exciting options.  While some require physical as well as mental stamina, most are adventures which can be enjoyed by anyone with an enquiring mind who enjoys getting off the beaten track, discovering and learning about the country and its history.

The spirit of adventure and learning are at the core of what we offer.  We are dedicated to providing quality, innovation, value and challenge within a framework of ecologically sound adventures.  We offer an enormous range of different escapes, from easy walks to 4,000 metre climbs, from the High Atlas Mountains to the vast ergs in the south.  Accommodation too can be varied, from top-end establishments through good quality to basic, all carefully chosen to offer value for money.

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